CELADON LED PRO applies both LED and SMD LED technologies to deliver the best results in a given situation.

What is LED and its benefits?

LED ChipLED stands for light-emitting diode and is significantly different than traditional lighting sources as it is more efficient, durable, versatile and lasts longer, making it perfect for use in lighting for on-camera lights and flashlights. LED’s use an electrical current passing through one of the two leads to the other through a semiconductor material where energy is released in the form of protons creating the light. LED’s on their own do not actually produce white lights but the diodes are covered with a phosphor material that modifies the light your eye sees. The LED’s that we use are either covered with a lens as in the Radiant 2XL camera light or advanced optics as in our Xplorer Pro flashlight to amplify and or focus the illumination.

SMD Chip

What is SMD LED and its benefits?

SMD LED’s stands for surface-mount device light-emitting diode. SMD LED’s produce the highest brightness amongst the LED family from the same power consumption. SMD LED’s also produce very little heat yet deliver a relatively high lumen performance compared to traditional LED’s. The last point that makes us love the SMD LED’s for use in our Radiant 2XL Pro is the exceptional light dispersion. When comparing this to a traditional LED, one might consider the LED a more of a ‘spot light’ due to the lens that covers the diode, where the SMD LED might be more of a ‘flood light’. This is excellent at eliminating any dark corners during videography or photography.

LED vs SMD LED Lighting

LED vs SMD LED Lighting