Lumen & Lux

Lumen & Lux meter image

The engineers and designers at CELADON LED PRO take lighting technology very seriously and consider lumen and lux very carefully when designing products for the highest performance.

What is a lumen?

Also known as luminous flux, a single lumen is the measure of energy that is released from a light. While this is an important measurement depending on what you are trying to achieve it can be misleading based on the distance that you are from the light source. We use an integrated sphere system with an integrated spectroradiometer and computing software when testing lumens on all our camera lights and flashlights at a distance of 1 meter (approx. 39 inches). Others may use half or even a third of this distance and therefore show a much higher lumen output that is essentially misleading. One needs the right amount of power but lumens only tell you part of the story for light output. This is why we measure both lumens and lux. 

What is lux?

Lux measures the amount of light hitting the target or a given area. Measuring lux is the precise way to determine the intensity of the light at a distance. A light that is engineered for high lux will have a smaller area of coverage, where as a light that is designed for a larger area of coverage will have lower lux measurement. Optics play an important role in creating maximum beam brightness. Our team uses a digital lux meter to measure lux and utilizes the inverse square law to calculate beam distance.

Maximizing the balance between lumens and lux is something CELADON LED PRO does very well.

We first identify what we want to accomplish, design our products to be able to optimize those goals and work with our engineers to configure every element to its fullest potential. XPLORER PRO flashlight is designed to maximize the lumens (power exertion) through the right CREE LED, optimizing the software within the Lithium-ion battery and creating a Turbo mode. Add to this improved optics and tremendous zoom capabilities and you end up with an incredible blend and balance of lumen and lux.