What is CRI?

CRI CELADON LED PRO has designed and engineered the Radiant 2XL and 2XL PRO with the optimum combination of high quality CRI LEDs or SMD LEDs, with variable color temperature and the right balance of Lumens and Lux assuring you the ability to get the truest colors and effect you are looking for.

CRI stands for Color Rendering Index and is a process standard devised to measure the quality and accuracy of color light. The higher the CRI number, the better the color rendering ability the LEDs or SMD LEDs will compare to highest standard set by the International Commission on Illumination. This is measured on a scale of 0 to 100 with a 100 representing an exact match to a reference source at a given color temperature. An interesting example would be if you were taking a photo or video in a room lit by standard fluorescent lamps, the colors captured would not be very true as these lamps produce a CRI of around 62.

Our Radiant 2XL and 2XL PRO Camera and Video Lights were tested to exceed a CRI level of 95 at the three standard light levels of 3200K, 4300K and 5600K. This will assure you some of the truest color matches available in lighting your subject throughout the 3200-5600K range for both photography and videography.